The evil & angel of me..

Sometimes i am an evil..but the small one..
Sometimes i am an angel..but the small one..

Today..i am the evil..y? Bcoz..there is some problem with the pipe at my level and the maintainance is just damn…slow doing their work..until now..nobody from the maintainance repair it.. loopy doing bad to me..i just brought it 2 weeks ago..and the loopy doesnt want to play 1280 n 720 vid..before..its okyh..but suddenly 3 days started..what a loopy..and they loopy based on windows windows 8..i change to windows 7..cause i hate windows 8 which is not user friendly..for me..n the loopy seems not so okyh with windows 7..haiigoooo…

I am an angel when me..n my other friends starting to fight each other because they dont want to drive the car to kota belud beach..if n only if i have driving licens..yes i drive it! But..since i dont have it..i just quiet at the cornor n try my best to stop the just driving a car issue…i dont knw y it become like kiddo..

I am an evil when i decide to be selfish…but actually i am an angel cause i cant resume my selfish..

What a day..n this all kind of thing makes me feels so lazy…sooooo lazzzyyyy…