What me think me shut it

“Everythings inside me head just been hold up..when me say it..me always end up regret it..even people didnt say anything bout it..me will eventually regret it..

This happen when me need to comment on other people or giving out me own opinion..at first..bravely express it..second after..will start thinking..”i shouldnt say it..i shouldnt talk bout it” n lost me mood..

What should me do with me attitudes bout this..sometimes..things that me should really say it..me just let it pass..n then again me regret not to talk bout it while other people start talk bout it..looks like me the latest 2 knw..the truth is..me already knew it..

Me slightly depress bout me personality..

Can be happen with this post me write right now..once me click publish..me will eventually regret it..me always thinking people will post harsh comment if people read this post..if n only if people c this website..

One thing me want..dont comment harshly when people spoke their head out..its their feels..we read..we leave..we take it as something that we learn which we never knew this kind of poeple surely exist..doesnt this feeling cool..? learning new thing from new people in this new world of tech..did u will possibly will knw it without anyone express it that thus kind of sickness exist? Hahahah..

P/s: what a very lonely night..