Its my birthday again!


Hi! Its 25 NOVEMBER 2015 close to 26 NOVEMBER 2015 in any minutes..hahaha..

Another birthdate tht have nothing much..just change another number to my age..yaa..from 4 to year 2016 bcome 6..hahaha..what i mean is from 24 to 25..n in 2016 its 26..ah! Im getting old! People will start calling me ” hey my old lady..come here help me out with this!” Haha..

Theres no fun..and just another boring and lazy day..people asking me..where should i celebrate? My answer is just stay home..listen to the rain..and watching movie..yup..

I should thank my mom..she deliver me and care until im graduated as a bachelor degree student..haha..23rd NOVEMBER officially an Alumni!! Hahahah..and of course JOBLESS..that vital to be highlighted..

And u c above picture? They said seoul korea have their first snow on my birthday!!! 25 NOVEMBER 2015! i just cant say how happy i am..but then i realized..its like a gift to me from HIM(Allah)..but im here..with rain..hahaha..

But yaa..u knw..even rain accompany my birthday..its a bless i still alive..hahaha..thanks Allah..i should fix my bridge towards u starting me out on whatever i chase for..

And..thanks for the gift(SNOW) on my birthday..alhamdulillah..and family and friends who wishing me for my destiny man..hahahaha..DESTINY MAN? is there any out there now want to be my future hubby?,? Raise your hands up!!!! N contact me like right now…im prepared to dream in any moment now…meet me in my dream..and i will say yes..hahahaha..”Feeling funny do ya?” Talk The way draco malfoy talk to ron weasley in their first day entering the hogwarts..hahahaha..die hard fans guys..die hard fans..who wanna give me harry potter wand and hoodies for my birthday??? Raise your hands again..! Hahahahah…

Okyh…in 20 minutes from now..the end of my birtday…i want to have my final wishes through here..

” may everyone being open their heart to see through whats right and wrong..may Allah open their heart to see who their real creator..may them be peace on what light they been showing to… everyone from pain of other people violents..islam are not terrorist..people are..! Im proud to be muslim! And yaAllah yaRobb..may you granted my wish to become a good business woman to myself..and everyone around me that i can go touch the snow next year…amiiiinnnnn!^^”